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What is Rythm?

The Return

We're back! After a few years of hard work, Rythm returns as a Discord Activity to bring the experience of listening to music together back to your servers. Launch it anywhere on Discord and listen to music with 2-20 people in one session.

Check out this crossover with Exyl to celebrate our return!

Why Rythm?

Easy Setup

Rythm brings an immersive music experience anywhere on the platform. Jump right into the music with minimal setup, just connect and enjoy!

Minimalist Design

Rythm's user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can join in on the fun right away.


Music is best enjoyed together. Rythm is designed to enhance your social interactions on Discord, making it easy to connect and share your favorite tunes with friends.

Introducing Rythm Premium

premium banner

For all users, you can:

  • Listen to community-driven curated radios.
  • Listen along in Premium music sessions.

For Premium users, you can:

  • Have full access to the Rythm music library & play any song you like.
  • Build out a custom queue with your friends.
  • Enjoy a guaranteed interruption-free music experience.

Check out the full list of Premium perks!

I'm Hyped!

Hop into the How To Use Rythm section to begin your journey with Rythm.